The Book Has Finally Arrived!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

This will be an exciting weekend. I was thrilled to discover yesterday that my two Contributor’s Copies of the book P.S. What I Didn’t Say: Unsent Letters to Our Female Friends had arrived in my mailbox!

I have (along with many, many other writers, editors, friends, and family) been eagerly awaiting the launch of this awesome anthology.

Upon opening the book, I was so pleased to see that everything was perfect:  name spellings, writer’s bio, and the story itself. I also love the layout and design of the anthology.

Now, I’m looking forward to two things. First, sitting down and reading all of the stories in the book. Second, participating in our first live reading at the famous Elliott Bay Bookstore.

On the heels of a pretty up-and-down week that could have kept me down, this is wonderful news and a perfect reminder not to let negative and hostile people steal your joy in life and activities. There are so many more cheerful, positive, and energetic people to deal with, and they mean the most.

Without further ado, here is an image of the recently launched anthology, P.S. What I Didn’t Say: Unsent Letters to Our Female Friends.




  1. I have not read all the stories yet, but what I have read is very moving and emotional. Dear Wendy is a great story of college friendship through those tough years.

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