A New Commercial Fishing TV Show?

Now, this was rather interesting. Most of you know that we have a Facebook group called Commercial Fishing Families & Friends. (And by the way, if you have a Facebook account and have not already joined us, please do so! We are already up to 125 137 140 150 158 members, making us one of the biggest commercial fishing groups on Facebook!)

Anyway, members are welcome and encouraged to leave comments on our “Wall.” When I went to check in with our group a couple of days ago, the following message had just been posted:

Hi Everybody! I am casting a tv show for Country Music Television and we are looking for fishing families with teens. If you are/know anyone that would be a good fit please email me! WSPCASTINGPARENTS@nullGMAIL.COM Thanks!! Theresa

Now, if this is legitimate, it soundes incredibly exciting. At the moment, all of the fishing famlies I know have either babies and toddlers, or they are families I’ve known my whole life and the “kids” range in age from 25-60 years old!

If you happen to be in a fishing family, or know of a fishing family, with teenagers and you contact Theresa Horwitz at the above e-mail address regarding the television show, please let us know if it is the real deal or not!

And speaking of commercial fishing toddlers…we had a wonderful evening trick-or-treating with the family last Saturday night. If I’d known what a social event trick-or-treating with young children was in my town, I would have worn something nicer than sweats and tried to do something with my hair. Well, there’s always next year.

Eva was one head-to-toe decked out Tinkerbell, and she got countless compliments on her pink glitter gloves. At the last moment, Vincent refused to put on his dinosaur costume. We had two choices at that point: Toss a pillowcase over him and call him a ghost, or put him in his green raingear and call him a commercial fisherman. Of course, he chose the fisherman.


010 - Copy (3)

Vincent, Auntie Steph, and Eva.

013 - Copy (3)

Auntie Cass and Eva.



    • Hey, I think you’re onto something. I’m confident that with the right lighting and makeup, I could be convincingly transported back twenty years!

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