Making Dents in the Blackcod/Halibut Quota

Twitter has turned out to be a fun vehicle with which to give quick updates on what’s going on in the life of our commercial fishing family. The connection between Facebook and Twitter is not without its quirks, but I think it will improve in time.

It’s been fun using the service again after having canceled it not too long ago. When my sister, Cassandra, recently overhauled the interesting Vis Seafoods blog  and began to use Twitter, I decided it was worth another try.

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George called home tonight and sounded just fine. They caught a decent-enough chunk of the halibut quota and some blackcod as well. He was in the middle of telling me how he received the care package the kids and I sent and loved the pictures, when he had to run off and take care of something regarding today’s delivery.

He plans to head back out to sea as early as tomorrow, which is great news. The more the weather cooperates and the quicker the fish are caught, the sooner they come back home. Speaking of coming back home:  I think my Hawaii-vacationing parents are due home at some point from their much-needed rest and stay in the land of natural Vitamin D.

At this point, anyone’s homecoming would be very appreciated! :-) 



It takes a three-year-old to bring out a hat and add to the excitement of eating a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich!

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