New Facebook Group: Commercial Fishing Family & Friends

About a year ago, I was pushing my then two-year old Eva on a swing at the park. As it happened, there was a guy about my age also pushing a two-year old girl named Eva on a swing right next to me. I was wearing a dark green fleece vest with my family’s boat name and picture embroidered on the front.

“How are you connected to the Vis?” Karl asked as we pushed our two-year-old Evas.

“It’s our family boat,” I said. “My husband owns and runs it now, and my dad is the one who built it.”

Turns out, we had not only toddler daughters named Eva in common, but we also knew some of the same fishermen (Doug, Johnny, Bryan) and our boats were docked near each other in the local harbor.

Karl’s wife, Julie, soon came along to the park along with their 4-year-old daughter, Lilly. Of course, I also had my infant, Vincent. We had a great afternoon together, talking about fishing and the life of fishing families.

Recently, Julie left a comment on my blog. It was a very interesting comment, and it got me thinking. Here it is in part:

“Thanks for the tip on writing through the season. I think that is a great idea! In fact, I have periodically thought that it would be so nice to have some kind of an online community set up just for fisherman’s wives.

It could include gals from all over the country or even all over the world! It would be so wonderful to have a place to go to connect with other people who are going through a similar situation. It could be with tips for parenting without your husband there, and on adjusting to having the sailor leave at the beginning and come home at the end of the seasons.

Since the fishing lifestyle is so unique, I find that it is often hard for those outside of its culture to truly understand. We need a community gathering place for fisherman’s wives! I however, am not so computer savy, so it may just be quite some time before I lauch anything of the sort. But I’ll keep daydreaming until it gnaws at my ear long enough to actually put something into action. Or until someone else does, whichever comes first.”

I got in contact with Julie and also spoke with Katie, Johnny’s wife. We decided to work as a team on creating the group, and to open it up to all fishing family fishing members and friends, as well as those who support our industry even if they are not directly involved.

I’m happy to announce that our new group is on Facebook, and it is called Commercial Fishing Families & Friends.

Come over and join us! We’ll be posting pictures, having discussions, offering suggestions, and communicating about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the fantastic that make up the life of the commercial fishing family.

See you over there!


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