No Salmon Updates Yet!

It’s been over a week since George and everyone left for the SE Alaska salmon seine season, and a couple of days since they went out on the first opening. I’ve received a few calls from people wondering how the first opener went, but I haven’t heard anything official yet. I assume they fished Sunday and Monday and unloaded the catch early this morning, and expect to receive a call later this afternoon.  I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Wow, and wasn’t that some announcement from Sarah Palin last Friday afternoon? I’ve been enjoying reading all of the articles and Twitter tweets about it, as well as watching the cable news political panels discuss the latest developments.

Now, I will concede that it seems a bit peculiar to leave a Governor’s term just halfway into it, and it was an incredibly risky gamble. Yikes!

However, I’ve always admired Sarah Palin’s spunk and ability to withstand the vicious criticism, appaling personal attacks, and extreme sexism that has been thrown at her since she stepped onto the National political stage. I think she has demonstrated a lot of personal strength in the face of being constantly ridiculed and written negatively about.  It never fails to astound and amaze me what a threat she appears to be to so many!

So, although I’m as confused as anyone else about her latest move, I’m rooting Palin on. I don’t know which direction she plans to take at this point, but I’m waiting and watching with definite interest. No matter what she does–write a book, get a TV show, or increase her presence in National politics–it will be exciting, and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds over the next couple of years.

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