Our First Mother’s Day Together

Last Sunday was one great Mother’s Day. For the first time since I became a mother (only three years ago), George was home to celebrate the day with me in person.

I was treated very well from start to finish and enjoyed myself tremendously. George presented me with gifts from Seward, Alaska, and set up a spa appointment. He also helped out a lot with the little ones and made sure I had quiet time during the day. We finished up the afternoon with a family picnic at Mom and Dad’s. The day couldn’t have been better!

The transition time from sea to shore has gone surprisingly quick this time. By “transition,” I mean the time that it takes for George to get adjusted to home life and the time it takes for me to get used to having him home.

Some years, it seems like it takes his entire time off to get “adjusted,” and then as soon as we get there, he’s off to sea again! Since he’s finished up this last halibut and blackcod season, though, the transition been smooth and only taken a few days. Extending extra courtesy and giving each other space has helped a lot!

I want to give a shout-out and a big congratulations to my longtime friend, Apryl, on the birth of her first baby, a tiny little girl (and future soccer star!). The baby arrived just yesterday morning. Apryl is a great gal who never forgets a birthday, organizes all gatherings, attends all functions, and makes the biggest and most sincere effort towards her friends than anyone I know. I am thrilled for Apryl (and her husband, Travis) for their Mother’s Day miracle!

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