Wow, an Optimistic Forecast for Dungeness Crab Season 2009!

It’s not often that I read an article about the Dungeness crab season that is halfway positive. As everyone in the industry knows, the fishery is often plagued by low prices, sketchy catches, and tribal issues.

So when I opened up Pacific Fishing magazine and read the article written by Cassandra Marie Profita, I was surprised. Not only because the writer has the first two names as my own sister (amazing!) but because the news about the 2009 Dungeness crab fishery was not all bad.

Profita writes that Northwest crabbers and processors expect a better season this year after low prices and low abundance made last year’s season a struggle. She also writes that markets are hungry for fresh crab this year because the low volume of crab from last year’s fishery meant less product in the freezer. Also, test fishing in both Washington and Oregon brought in high numbers of legal-sized crab. Last but not least, Profita writes that processors are expecting strong whole cooked and live crab retail sales.

This is the best outlook for any Dungeness crab season I’ve experienced in a while, so my fingers are crossed. If the prices are decent and stable and all the fishermen stay healthy and strong, it could be a great run this year. We’ll see!

Also of interest to commercial fishermen-types in Pacific Fishing this month was a highly amusing snippet, written by Anne Hillman, about the return of TV crews from the Deadliest Catch to Unalaska. That story is located on page 21 and is a must-read.

If you’ve been following my National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) progress, you’ll be interested to know that I did complete the challenge. I wrote just over 50,000 words during the month of November and received the Winner’s badge, which is featured on the sidebar of this blog.

I actually finished NaNoWriMo two days early, thanks to Nebraska Outback, who shot ahead of me early on in the challenge and set a rigorous pace. The challenge of trying to keep up with her word count really helped keep me typin’ away!


  1. Congratulations on winning NaNoWriMo! Glad I could provide inspiration Jen! How on earth did you manage that with two toddlers? Wishing you and the crew the best of fortunes for the upcoming crab season.

    • Thanks, Nebraska! Well, each time my wonderful babysitter come over, I RACED downstairs and madly typed 2000-4000 words, because I never knew when I’d have the next opportunity. There was no way to type even two words without her help. Thanks for the good wishes on the crab season and I will pass them along!! And of course…it was great being NaNoWriMo buddies!

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