A String of Crab Gear (I Think)

I was looking through the handful of videos that George took during last winter’s Dungeness crab season. There aren’t many, and the ones that exist are very short. I think that most of the time he was just practicing the video function on his iPhone.

I came across this video last night. At first I thought George had simply captured the vast winter ocean, but upon closer inspection, I noticed our signature buoys in the background. I’m no Dungeness crab expert, but I think that is what’s called a “string of gear” and the buoys are attached to crab pots that are resting at the bottom of the ocean.

I’m sure someone out there can help me out if I’m incorrect. I’d ask George, but…well, I have no idea where he is :-).


  1. My computer wont play it but in short spurts,I think it is time for that new Dell I have been wanting.

    Down here we call it a “line” of traps or pots but I know in other places they refer to it as a “string”

    • Thanks, Ronnie! And you should def. get a new computer. G got one before he left. I went on it yesterday to find more videos, but alas…I can’t get in without his password, lol! I think he did that on purpose, as he’s convinced I have a way of messing up a computer by just looking at it, ha ha!

    • Ha! See? He won’t let me get anywhere near his iPhone either, even though I have my own and nothing has ever happened to it (knock on wood!). And happens other places, too. Like, I tried to put folded sheets in a drawer and I pressed too hard and the bottom fell out. Then, something gets caught in the garbage disposal, etc. etc. George actually said right before he left, “It’s like you leave a path of destruction everywhere you go!” I really had to laugh.

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