Commercial Fishing Is America’s Most Deadly Job

CNN has released its list of America’s Most Deadliest Jobs and readers of this blog will not be surprised to learn that commercial fishing once again ranks as our country’s top deadliest job.

Here are a few of the top most deadly jobs according to the report:

  • Commercial Fishing: 2oo deaths per 100,000
  • Logging: 61.8 deaths per 100,000
  • Airplane Pilots: 57 deaths per 100,000
  • Farmers and Ranchers: 36 deaths per 100,000

Check out the article here. It’s pretty interesting and it always astounds me how far ahead of the second most deadly job commercial fishing ranks.

I can’t even think of anything to write other than there is a reason we celebrate like crazy each time George returns from sea. There are too many fishermen who do not come back home.

Photo By David Hills


  1. Most of us never think about it,I would rather take my chances out there than to have to drive in the city every day to go to work.

    Shelly still refuses to watch the movie “The Perfect Storm” even though I never even spend the night on a boat any more.

    • I never did watch The Perfect Storm either, although I did read the book when it first came out way back when. People ask me all the time if I watch The Deadliest Catch. While I support the show and its stars and am so appreciative of their fan base and the light they shed on the industry, no, I don’t watch it. I LIVE IT! When the slim chance arrives when I can actually watch TV, I need a break. Scrubs, Nancy Grace, whatever. Take me away!

      • I don’t watch the Deadliest Catch either as I see the same people all the time,just different names.
        We watch the CSI shows,Shelly likes Grace too.most of the time my TV in the office stays on the history channel or the weather channel.

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