Commercial Fishing Photo Gallery is Up!! (Halibut and Blackcod Longlining Pictures)

David Hills, who takes some of the world’s best commercial fishing photos, has published a gallery of the pictures he took while on board our fishing vessel last winter during round one of the Alaska blackcod and halibut longline season.

If you want to see what it’s really like out there and see some extraordinary tough guys at work (including my dear husband, G, of whom I could not be more proud) check it out!!!

David, you ROCK!

Halibut and Blackcod Commercial Fishing Photographs


  1. Great pictures,to dang cold up there for me though.

    Looking at all the tubs of line I am guessing that he uses drop long lines(vertical)? Our long liners have their line on a spool and lay out miles of it horizonal.

    BTW Jen I have finally got around to reading some of the last few of months NF stacked on my desk and made it as far as the plug for your article,hopefully I will get to it by the weekend.

    • Now, I’m no Alaska halibut/blackcod longline expert, but I do know the lines drop vertically. Buoy on top, miles of line, and an anchor holding it down. I think. LOL. What do they fish for your way with horizontal line?

      • Swordfish,Tuna,Shark,Tilefish and Grouper what little they can fish now because of regulations,these guys put out the high-flyer and run their gear straight out.BTW I’m not a expert either on this kind of fishing but have been around it and have friends in it.

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