Crossing the Gulf of Alaska

A couple of weeks ago, George called to say he was on his way home with a load of halibut. And then a few days passed, and then another few. People said, “I thought G was coming home?” And I said “I know! I haven’t heard from him since he told me he was on his way.”

Of course, it occurred to me later that he had go catch the halibut and then cross the Gulf of Alaska, all of which takes quite a few days. I finally heard from him a couple of nights ago and he was in Ketchikan. He should finally be home late tomorrow night!

I hope G doesn’t get too involved with boat work while he is home so we can have more than a day together during his few weeks off. The kids are so excited to see him. Sometimes they get confused and think he is home but just downstairs. They’ll call for him from the top of the stairs, “Dada!” and I laugh quietly and tell them Daddy is still fishing.

This morning, my four-year old Eva brought out a little green shirt and said, “I’m going to wear this shirt from Alaska that Daddy got me. My favorite Daddy. Named George.”

I’m glad he is coming home soon because he’s definitely got two tiny little kids champing at the bit to see him.

I woke up this morning and turned on the news just in time to hear an interview with one of the surviving crewmembers from the 75-foot fishing vessel, the Northern Belle, that sank crossing the Gulf of Alaska yesterday. His story is heartbreaking, and his voice was so full of sorrow and pain it brought me to tears. He spoke about getting everyone off the boat and of their captain, who didn’t make it. The boat sank in three to five minutes. The interview will be up on the King 5 news website later today.

My family knows what it is to lose a man to the sea, as do so many of us in the commercial fishing industry. God Bless that captain, the crew, and the boat, as well as every other boat and fisherman currently at sea. It’s no joke out there.


  1. It is great to hear that George is on his way.
    My prayers go out to all those fishing and crabbing and those they have at home. It is a tough, worrisome lifestyle.
    Love, Kim

    • You are so good with words. Tough and worrisome are two perfect adjectives to describe it. Get ready to have a get together once G gets here. It will be fun for everyone. BTW, I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother! I liked seeing the picture of her and reading your blog post. I loved reading about the pics and the one you wanted to put in. Priceless.

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