Hooray: An ETA From the Captain!

Heck, I’ve brought you all along for the ride this long, I thought I may as well keep the narrative going. I’ve shared pictures, audio posts, the good, the bad, and everything in between.

I’m sure G won’t mind if I share this one little innocent e-mail I received today; after all, it’s the only one I’ve received, and it brings good news! I’m leaving in the signature line that comes with the satellite e-mail because it always makes me roll my eyes.

Thanks for going along this latest fishing family journey with me. You are all the best!

Hi Sweetheart!

Here’s the update! First day was really good… next two were pretty average. Yesterday was bad. Today… hopefully will be decent here. Only need 7500 lbs more. Should be home by Monday.

Love you!


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Icebergs in the Yakutat Bay, Alaska

Icebergs in Yakutat Bay, Alaska


    • Ha. I can’t believe it. So, do you know what I did? Arranged a date night with undue haste, our first ever! Babes are going to Grandma and Grandpa’s, and the Captain and I are going to a comedy show at the local historical theater and then to a honeymoon suite. No, it’s not our honeymoon, but it will be our 8th wedding anniversary and after all this time, that’s close enough!

  1. You know, I was thinking about your anniversary just this morning, and thinking he would just miss it. I was remembering being in the limo on your wedding day, and him sprinting down the dock to rescue his hyperventilating damsel in distress. Do you remember that? What a hero! You should do a blog post about that day! What a blast!

    • I DON’T remember that! Refresh my (apparently old) memory! I do recall how he made sure a glass of wine was waiting for me the moment I entered the facility, but I don’t remember the dock!

      • I can’t believe you don’t remember! There was another wedding party at the end of the dock when we arrived for your wedding, and the coordinator was nowhere to be found, and you started crying, and as soon as G. heard he came flying down the dock to take care of you. It was so sweet!

        • Oh my goodness, it’s totally coming back to me now! Ha! Oh, man. I do remember that wedding party dressed in red!!

          What a princess I was then and how charming and attentive he was!

          Remember the awesome post-reception Blue Frosting extravaganza?!

          What a wonderful day and night. Now I have to go look at my wedding album and scrapbook!

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