Your Daddy’s Home, Sweet Pea.

Well, my children can rest easy, for their daddy has finally arrived. I told Eva yesterday that George would be coming into the harbor in the middle of the night, and at 2:00 a.m., a sleepy Eva woke up and asked me quietly, “Did Daddy come home?”

It was so sweet. It made me remember the thrill of being a young girl myself and waking up with so much joy, knowing Dad was home. She also made me smile yesterday when I came up from downstairs and found her sitting at the dining room table. She looked up and asked, “Did you find Daddy downstairs?”

Well, we found him today at the harbor unloading halibut. We talked with two of the crew, Bryan and Cole, who were sweet and cheerful, and George surprised us all by appearing with a new beard! I didn’t even recognize him! He walked toward us and I’m not kidding, I had to peer at his approach to make sure it was him. That was funny!

Here’s a pic of George and the kids. I’m not sure what they think of his new look, but this picture gives a pretty good idea. I think it looks pretty good!

The kids don't know what to make of Daddy's new beard!


  1. I am glad to hear that George made it home and is safe. Welcome Home George and Crew!
    I am not a fan of facial hair on men most of the time, but I really like the beard. Just adds to his manlihood. We hope there is time to get together before George heads out again.
    Love, Kim

    • Kim, I LOVE YOU! You just kill me! First of all, LOVED the last post on your blog. You have got a real talent for words, feelings, and description. You and your blog are awesome. I am most certainly not a fan of facial hair, either. I was taken aback, but I conceded he did look good with it even though I’m not into it. I’m sure he’s not into my extra ten pounds either, lol! We will definitely get together before he goes again. Love you all!

  2. Hi Jen!

    I love the beard almost as much as I love Vincent’s jammies and boots, and Eva’s gorgeous outfit! They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but this one gives a thousand smiles! As far as the beard, I was thinking Grizzly Adams as I read, but was quite pleasantly surprised. Lucky for you, G. is one of those men who can really pull it off. When are you coming down here? Wish we had met you at Great Wolf!

    Love to all!


    • Beth! And your comment brought a thousand smiles! Soooo funny. Thank you! Eva’s gorgeous outfit, indeed! She certainly pulls some interesting things together. Kim has taken to calling her “Punky” for Punky Brewster. I think it’s a good fit! :-) I thought G did resemble Grizzly Adams when I first saw it. It’s really grown on me now, though. He was going to shave it off recently but I told him to keep it.

      I was thinking that about the Great Wolf! Oh, we would have all had a blast. Next year the Williams and Dyer families are coming!

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