A Change in the Fish Plan!

The big news of the week is that George has totally altered his fish plan! Wow. This is an extremely rare occurrence. I’ve got two weeks to get used to the idea and to change every single plan I made for the summer and spring. Those plans were made based up on the fact that he would be gone in the spring and home in the summer.

Now, he’s coming home for the rest of the spring and will be gone all summer.

It’s a little disappointing, because I’d really looked forward to a summer together as a family and I know George did as well. I also had a big writer’s conference to attend this summer, during which George was going to care for the little ones. He feels terrible about no longer being available, especially since I already canceled my trip to the Elite Instructor Jazzercise Conference because he wasn’t going to be here. Fortunately, I have wonderful family and friends here who are more than willing to help figure out a way to make the writer’s conference possible.

The good thing is that George will now be home for the huge Memorial Day festivities in our town. The bad thing is that our trip down to the Great Wolf Lodge will occur two months earlier than usual, which means I have hardly any time to shake the (at least) ten pounds of winter weight I put on!

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. I teach Jazzercise and no, I don’t overeat or eat junk. How could I have weight to lose? Heck–forget why or how, it’s time to get moving and quick! G is coming home and we have places to go!

Off I go now to re-arrange babysitting, Jazzercise schedules, parade participation, weekends away, childcare, and most importantly, prepare myself pasta alfredo a salad for dinner.

Hey, I do it all in love. After all, G is on his way home! Can’t beat that, no matter why, when, or what-for!

Helping Grandpa and J.T. measure siding.

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