Change Isn’t Easy

It’s been a whirlwind last ten days. George made a couple of local Dungeness crab deliveries, so we traveled to meet him at one local port for the night, and then a few days later, he came home for two nights.

The night we traveled to met him was incredibly fun. We had a big crew dinner followed by entertainment you just couldn’t put a price on, and the kids loved the hotel. They had so much fun running down the carpeted hallway in their socks to the vending and ice machines and sitting at the little table in our room to eat their special treats.

George needed a couple of days to regroup at home, so I am glad he was able to get here. He’s been burning the midnight oil without any sleep and working harder than anyone could imagine. We also had a rather unexpected and disappointing shuffle on the boat, so it was nice to get some time together to sort through it and make some sense of it.

Everyone knows that I really can’t stand change, especially when things seem to be moving along well. What could be better than a great crab season that’s about to end and a great longline season coming up shortly? Everyone also knows that we love George’s crew like our own family. That’s my favorite part about the smaller fishing family business as opposed to the huge factory boat business; everyone does become like family. You spend a ton of time together, have things in common, have lots of laughs, and create memories season after season and year after year.

When there’s a shuffle, it hurts everyone in the “family.”

Speaking of crew, I just read today in the news that one of George’s old Bering Sea friends and crewmates from his Alaskan Leader/Bristol Leader/Shemya years was airlifted off the Alaskan Leader fishing vessel while at sea due to chest pains. I met that  guy around the same time I met George, and even flew to Dutch Harbor with him a couple of times to meet George and the boat.

And for your information…this year’s commercial Alaska halibut season begins on March 6. That is about 15 days earlier than last year. I think that will give George about one week at home in between the crab and longline seasons. Ah, well. ‘Tis the life we love, right?

Love you all and thank you.


  1. Wow, early longline!
    Glad you had a good season; this was our first with a boat of our own, all seems sort of surreal (signed the deal Dec. 1), haven’t caught our breath yet.
    Continued good fishing and enjoy your time at home!

    • Liz, wow! So good to hear from you. Thank you for your comment and many congrats on your boat!! How’d it go? Again, awesome to hear from you!

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