Check out the Dungeness Crab Crew in Action!!

Cooked Dungeness crab

Presenting the bravest, strongest, hottest, sweetest, most awesome Dungeness crab crew ever….

Watch the brand new video!!!

Nice job George, Bryan, Brett, and Brandon!!!

And great work putting together your first ever YouTube video, G!



  1. Great video,how long was the trip?
    Was wondering also why he doesn’t longline those pots in that deep of water or does he set each pot on certian bottom? What kind of bait.Enquiring minds want to know (smile)

  2. BTW Jen,on the blog birthday post I couldn’t get the poll to come up and when I hit the link for the post it’self I got a “error page not found”.

  3. I’ll pass along the compliment! G took the videos throughout the season last year so it’s sort of a compilation!

    Longlining Dungeness crab pots is illegal on the West Coast, apparently. For bait, he uses a variety of things like sardines, clams, fish heads and squid.

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