Coming Soon–Captain G in His Own Words

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My husband finally surfaced.

Because we’ve had no cell phone coverage from the most desolate, far-reaching areas of Alaska in the last few months, I thought it would be a fun idea to convince G to sit for an iPhone interview for my blog while the getting was good.

He didn’t want to. In fact, after we agreed upon five simple questions, I suddenly couldn’t reach him again! Not so easily discouraged, I called Bryan and asked him to relay to George that I needed a call back, and NOW!

Thanks, Bryan.

Stay tuned for an audio post of an interview I plan to conduct with Captain G either tonight or tomorrow, as soon as I find him again.

Be right back.  :-)

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    • I know it. You should have heard his voice when I suggested the idea, ha ha! You’d think he’d be more excited about doing an interview with me; after all, that’s how he met his charmer of a wife—I interviewed him for a boat building story for National Fisherman ten years ago!

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