Countdown Starts…NOW!

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Ah, just as I was approaching the brink after nearly four months without the husband and father of our household, relief arrived in the the form of a phone call and the announcement by one Captain G that he will be home in—wait for it—thirteen days.

Praise the Lord!

The boat arrived into Seward, Alaska, early this morning and they had a couple days of good fishing, so G feels fairly confident they’ll be home inside of two weeks. YES!

Welcome sign

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And not only can he answer his cell phone now, but he can receive text messages and pictures. Double yes!

I’m debating what kind of welcome home party to throw. Go out for a crew and family dinner, and have the kids stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s following so Mommy can go out with the captain, crew, and fam for the after-party?

Have the party at home in the man cave and then go out?

Have the party here and not go out?


These guys will be home in two weeks and I cannot WAIT!

Aerial view of Seward, Alaska, USA.


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