I’ll Find You, Sun!

Okay, so I wasn’t able to keep my little desk as clean and clutter-free as I’d hoped.

My new “Manager’s Desk” showed up this evening. After a few days of cold feet regarding stepping up to a nicer desk, I finally placed the order.

On the commercial fishing front, our boat is currently hauled out and G has been down at the shipyard every day painting and doing maintenance.

George is getting ready to leave for the next few months to catch the rest of the halibut and blackcod quota. Somehow, I was able to convince him to take one more little trip with the fam before he goes.

My goal for the mini-trip is to find the sun. Although I’m not usually impacted one way or the other by non-stop cold, rainy, and dreary days, I’ve finally had it.

I want the sun.

I’m not sure where we’ll end up, but it doesn’t matter. As long as the sky is blue and I’ve got my family with me, it’s all good.


  1. That’s not messy, dear! You couldn’t pay me enough to get me to air my desk of shame for all to see! But the glass of wine is a nice touch — maybe that’s what’s missing on mine….

    Be sure to let those of us still stranded in the bleary, weary, wet and dreary live vicariously through your adventure.

    May you be kissed by the sun!

    • Bleary, weary, wet, and dreary is RIGHT! Lol about the wine. That little glass was a hit in the picture! I do suggest placing one permanently on one’s desk. Hey, at least it wasn’t the whole bottle! :-)

  2. The weather is making haul-outs difficult this year! How are we supposed to paint the boat during a monsoon? I may need to take lessons from you on getting your husband to take vacations this time of year. My kind of vaca right now resembles that glass of red wine on your desk! :)

    • You are exactly right on everything! The thunder and downpour has def. set the painting back a lot. I think he’s spending most of the time doing engine and control stuff! I recently bought a carry-on suitcase and the travel-sized cosmetics, and G started to get nervous the kids and I were about to fly away without him, haha! I was surprised how quickly he agreed to two nights away (we aren’t actually flying anywhere, though). My vacations are like yours—the wine. Nice job putting it into words! That’s one thing G still doesn’t understand!

  3. Your desk is starting to look more normal,Shelly’s glass is just like that one,she tells me “I only had 3 glasses” LOL

    • Yeah, how quickly I ran out of space! And the wine, yes…it makes the bill paying and editing a little more enjoyable. LOL. I’ve started counting the ounces…I wish the ounce-to-calorie ratio wasn’t so awful. Five ounces for 100 cals doesn’t get you very far!

        • HA! I agree—and that was my motto…’til I gained like 17 pounds and with the help of my sister’s math, identified the culprit. LOL!

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