Making Dreams Come True

Well, I’d be faking it if I wrote that we were having the most festive and relaxed time off ever.

To be honest, George is not that relaxed. He has taxes to pay, the crab season to wrap up, crew shares to calculate, and the upcoming halibut & blackcod season to prepare for.

Our children have had a few distinct wishes they’ve wanted granted for a while now. Eva wants to go back to the Great Wolf Lodge, ride her bike to the park, and ride the train. Vincent wants to ride the train and the tractor with Grandpa.

Eva is too young to ride her bike to the park, but her daddy has taken her there twice to ride her little bike. The four of us took a round-trip train ride this afternoon, and we’re planning for the “Wolf Lodge” this summer.

Eva wondered recently if her daddy was God and hung the moon. I’m not kidding.

Her Daddy may not hang the moon, but he always does his best, stressed out or not.


    • Thank you! Tax time is indeed annoying. It helps to have a real maritime accountant on our side. That guy is the best and it helps that he knows the industry and the ins and outs of it all. Before we had him, we just had a regular accountant that didn’t do a good job at all. I think G is focused on getting the longline season started. He isn’t a real talker so I have to make my best guesses on what’s bugging him!

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