“Momma, Remember When…?”

Right before George left months ago to catch a seemingly endless amount of Alaska halibut and blackcod quota, our family took a little three-day trip. On that trip, I went to a small bookstore and bought a great hardbound journal entitled “My Quotable Kid: A Parent’s Journal of Unforgettable Quotes.”  

I’ve entered a few quotes from each child, including these:

“Vincent, I’m in charge, and you need to follow my directions.” –Eva (4)

“Momma, I hungry and firsty.” –Vincent (3)

The most recent quote was spoken by my 4-year-old Eva from her car seat on our way home from running errands.

“Momma, remember when I was really young and Daddy was here? Remember I used to sit in his lap and read books? And we’d watch ‘How It’s Made’ on television and Vincent would fall asleep in his lap?”

Stunned for a moment, I quickly regained composure and smiled.

“You are still really young,” I said. “And Daddy will be home again. You will sit in his lap to read books and watch ‘How It’s Made‘.  And I know he can’t wait, either. He told me so.”

I hope that was the right response. Would you have replied differently?

Vis Anchor. Picture by David Hills. www.fishingpix.net


  1. Ouch! I’m sure I will have a similar conversation soon enough. For now, I think Jacob believes the phone is ‘DaDa’. I ask, “where’s Daddy?” and he runs to grab the phone. Clearly, I’ve confused the little bugger!

    • You know what, that reminds me of the time a retired fisherman told me when his girls were very young, they thought he only existed by phone! And when he finally returned home, the kids were a bit frightened because they really only knew him by voice. He said that was the moment he realized he was gone waaaay too long and needed to adjust his fishing schedule! :-)

  2. I think all of us can think of moments where are kiddos have said or asked us something that made us stop in our tracks. What a great response you gave her!

  3. We have all had those moments and you handled it really, really, really well. When they get older it changes. I think the last one was Drew (he was around 17-18) came out of his bedroom one morning/afternoon, “Hey Mom
    where’s Dad?” “Uh Drew, Dad has been gone for two days…”

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