Put a Fork In It…

Jen’s done.

I’ve gone through June, July, August, and September with the two little ones without Dad. Before that, I went through December, January, February, March, April, and most of May.

We’ve done well. Between the kids and I, we’ve:

  • Paid bills
  • Made home-cooked meals for two special-needs dogs
  • Dispensed vitamins, supplements, and medications for said dogs
  • Taken swimming lessons and graduated
  • Taken a 12-hour road trip to visit friends
  • Hosted a birthday party
  • Attended a birthday party
  • Prepared a pitch and synopsis for a writer’s conference
  • Attended writer’s conference
  • Learned Jazzercise routines
  • Taught Jazzercise routines
  • Joined Jenny Craig to lose a few pesky pounds
  • Enjoyed Eva’s first ballet stage performance
  • Regularly vacuumed, mopped, and sanitized a 3300-sq. foot house without a housekeeper
  • Maintained a blog
  • Attended church
  • Read books
  • Began pre-school
  • Attended Jazzercise
  • Attended gymnastics
  • Washed dishes, handled the garbage and recycling, grocery shopped and hauled bags up the stairs seven at a time, folded and put away laundry
  • Brushed the teeth, bathed, and washed the faces of two precious toddlers morning and night

Am I a super-hero? No. Am I a super mom? No. I am only doing what moms across the country do every day. I am not the only mom with a husband missing months at a time. I don’t have to work out of the house, and I can hire help when I need it. In addition, I have my awesome family nearby available to lend a hand 95% of the time.

Am I sick of my husband being gone? YES.

I value honesty in writing, so I’ll write here that while I obviously, and wholeheartedly, support what my husband does and what my family has done for five generations, I am ready for a break. I don’t want to do this long of a solo-mom stint again.

Will I do it if I have to? Of course.

But believe that I will try my best to make sure that doesn’t happen.


  1. Better let the man work while and when he can if he’s turning a profit Jen as the way things are going our Government could put him out of business at any time for no reason,we have been put out of 3 different fishery’s now and had to start from scratch with gear and the learning curve.

    Took us 10 years to overcome the net ban here in Fla and I got to enjoy it for about 2 months before hurricane Dennis came through and destroyed 10 years of work,the only blessing was that I didn’t have to relearn,just rebuild,only 4 years to get back to par from the hurricane so if things are going well,there is money to pay the bills and food on the table then don’t rock the boat,things are tough for a lot of fishermen and their family’s right now.Remember you went in to this with all the knowledge of what was to come,my wife married into it without a clue and even spent a few years gill netting with me with never a regret or complaint.

  2. Don’t sell yourself short! You are absolutely a super-hero! I can say without a smidgen of doubt that I could never do what you do. Even if I had to.

    You have amazing perseverance, an incredible work ethic, are a fantastic mom, and a fabulously supportive wife.

    My hat is off to you! You ROCK!!!

  3. I sure admire your strength and determination to make the best of a less than ideal situation. I think about that when my husband has to be away for work and I feel like whining. Kudos. How blessed you are to have family near by!

  4. Thank you all for your comments! They mean a lot to me and are very helpful and encouraging. I appreciate them so much!

    I’m sure it goes without saying that I know G could make his own list, too, and that he is also more than done. I know it kills him to be gone from his children, especially during these precious early years. He is such a great dad and everything he does is for his family.

    This was just a tougher year than most as far as the family being separated much longer than usual.

    That said, I’m also well aware that some families are permanently separated when their fathers and husbands do not come home from sea, and will never come home. My own sister experienced that, and I think about it every day.

    I try to present all sides of the lifestyle here on the blog: the good, the sad, the exciting, the annoying, and the joyful, in an attempt to paint an honest picture of what commercial fishing families experience.

    And fortunately, we’ve got celebration and cheer just around the corner. If we can just keep putting one foot in front of the other for the next ten or so days, we’ll make it!

    Thanks again, all. You rock, too!!

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