Wipe Out!

I love the audio post feature so much that I tried to create a new one a few days ago, but it sounded terrible (rather, I sounded terrible!) so I deleted it. I tried it again the next day, but it still sounded silly. I tried one more time later on, but even I couldn’t stand to listen!

So, here’s a traditional post. I’m not giving up on the audio post, though, and will keep trying! :-)

After a couple of weeks without hearing from George, I talked to him twice this weekend. He is fishing in a remote location with neither civilization or cell phone coverage, so he reached us via satellite phone and we got caught up.

He’s doing okay but I could tell by his tone that he seems to miss us.  He asked specifically to talk to the kids more than once, and he even called right back when the connection was lost.

The little ones and I spent four days in a row last week in our front yard underneath a brilliant and hot sunshine. They had fun in their kiddie pool, reading books underneath a shady tree, and going down a small slip ‘n slide.

They were satisfied with their little yellow slip ‘n slide, that is, until they tried out the mother of all slip ‘n slides at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

THAT slip ‘n slide is fifty feet long, ten feet wide, and set up on an amazing rolling lawn. It looked like so much fun that I even tried it! I picked up Vincent, sat him on my lap, and went down on a plastic tube. We caught amazing speed, the slide was super slick…so much so that we flew down, skidded past the grass and wiped out in the middle of the street.

Don’t worry; Momma took the hit!  I kept Vincent safe by holding him up as I slid across the street and scraped up my left shoulder, hip, and ankle. Then, we all reassured a concerned Eva that everything was fine after I climbed back up the hill and used the hose to clean out the gravel in my wounds.

The sun has momentarily disappeared and Eva has a slight summer cold, so we are going to take it easy today, heal and rest up for the next round of sun and fun. Can’t wait!!


  1. I’m so happy to see a written post! Our computer is, as always, completely messed up, and the audio does not work, so I was feeling like I was missing out!
    We, too, are having slip ‘n slide adventures and mishaps!
    I hope you are planning a trip down here soon! — Beth

    • You know, we should plan it! I would love to participate in slip ‘n slide and pool adventures at your resort–I mean, house! This sounds crazy but I’m already looking at August. I can’t believe how much I’m teaching Jazzercise this summer! Are you going to be home the weekend of Addison and my shared birthday?

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