Building Pallets & Rigging Crab Pots in the Sunshine

A couple years ago, I wrote a series of posts on the rigging of Dungeness crab gear. I won’t go through all the details again, but if you missed it the first time around or are interested, you can read about it here.

This year, the gang added the building of pallets to the pre-season gear work. I wondered why they were building new pallets when the web lockers seemed to be full of them already.

“We built the pallets 3×3 to store and transport the crab pots. A stack of pots–five pots–fits on a  3×3 pallet perfectly. A standard pallet is much bigger and takes up too much room in the lockers,” G explained.

Since I had his attention, I called out one more question from my seat on the family room couch.

“Do you have any thoughts on the season ahead?”

“Not so far,” G called back from the dinner table, where he sat eating a delicious rotisserie chicken in a butter and garlic glaze and a side of three-cheese tortellini…that I bought at the local deli.

“It’s too early,” he continued. “But so far, no two years have ever been the same, so I’m curious as to what this year will be like.”

Thanks for snapping all of these great pics for me, G!


  1. Hope George has a good season,our stone crab season in N Fla is our worst ever so far.

    Ask George how much line he has those pots rigged with and if it is sink line or floats.

    • Ronnie, I’m calling G right now to find out! He is out at the Coast rigging the rest of the pots. I’m interested in the answer myself, actually!

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