Downrigging Dungeness Crab Pots

It was an exquisite, sunshine-filled day to spend downrigging pots at the harbor. The kids and I went down to visit and deliver donuts, and the little ones ended up earning a little money running buoys back and forth for the fellas. Fishing is definitely a family operation! Here are a few pictures from our beautiful day.


  1. I have enjoyed your blog this week,we too have had 2 great days of temps around 70 and clear skys,rain coming today and then more cold by the end of the week.
    it’s been just the opposit here as Shelly and I have been cleaning and painting pots and floats getting ready for the upcoming season,carried the first 60 out on Friday.

  2. Where were the little people when I needed them yesterday to run buoys back and forth for me?
    My little people are much taller than me and in college now. sniff

  3. Ronnie, thank you! It was hard posting everyday last week, but fun. I don’t get that much computer time so thank goodness I could post from my iPhone a few times! That’s exciting about getting the first 60 out! How many pots do you use?

    Lori, thanks for the awesome comment. It made me smile. Eva and Vincent did prove to be pretty good little buoy runners. Maybe we’ll take our show on the road and head your direction to help next! :-)

  4. I am glad I found your blog, my boyfriend is a scalloper and is currently out at sea.. needless to say, im missing him! lol, your children are beautiful :) great job with your writing!

    • Well, aren’t you the sweetest thing. Thank you! Where is your bf scalloping out of? Such nice words. So you are well acquainted with the life and still in it. How do you feel about that? :-)

  5. He fishes out of Fairhaven, Massachusetts – we live about 10min away from there in New Bedford, Ma which also has alot of boats (my father fishes out of there) – As for being in the lifestyle still, well, I guess one never really gets use to it do they? Lol. I keep thinking “It’ll get easier”, but it never does, everytime I drop him off I’m counting the days until he returns! The company he works for has tons of boats so he works 2 or 3 a year & has very little time home – most other guys around here work 1 and when the days are up, thats it for them for the year. But, we are very blessed that he and my father have always come home safe & thats what counts as I’m sure you know!

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