Guys in Carhaarts

Earlier this week, my four-year old Eva said, “It’s taking a long time for Daddy to get home.” I didn’t have the heart to explain that it’s been less than two weeks since George left and we had many, many more weeks to go.

We also have two dogs here that adore G. Our dog, Toby, is especially a workin’ man’s dog. He loves diesel trucks, boat gear work, and any guy dressed in a pair of Carhaarts.

Now, we knew that about Toby.

Today I found out just how much my two little ones associate love and joy with a clean-cut guy in Carhaarts.

We were playing outside today, throwing balls for our dog Mandy, when the fellows George hired to maintain the lawn arrived.

Well, my goodness. Toby went nuts and jumped all around the two. Eva actually hauled out and set up two chairs so she and Vincent could “watch the show.” Vincent brought out his toy lawnmower to help work.

My kids associated these smiling guys in Carhaarts with their Dad and his crew. They miss Daddy a lot, and today they were happy to have some sort of connection.

They are just little, little kids who love and miss their daddy. They break my heart!

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