Sunshine and Clam Chowder

I love a nice day in the sunshine. The kids and I had a wonderful Saturday together! We had lunch with the whole crew at the harbor and were pretty surprised to see Auntie Steph and Uncle Ryan show up, along with their friend, Sean. After lunch, the kids and I went to the furniture store and I picked out and bought a new couch.

The special thing about that couch is that I actually paid for it with my “own” money, earned by teaching Jazzercise. Teaching Jazzercise is a hobby for me, but I have to admit it’s a bonus to get paid for your hobby. It means I get to do fun things like buy iPhones, a dishwasher, or a new couch without first receiving the go-ahead from the boss.

We finished our beautiful afternoon with a visit to our good friends, Kim and Terry. The kids played with sidewalk chalk, rode tricycles, shot hoops, and fed imaginary chickens, giraffes, and donkeys gravel from the playground.

I’m including a picture of our lunch today.

These are the days.

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