A Special Post from Guest Blogger, Amanda.

I recently invited Amanda Stanton, a commercial fishing wife and mother whose husband has recently gone to sea, to write a guest post for Highliners and Homecomings.  She did not disappoint! Please enjoy her contribution below. Thanks, Amanda!

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By Amanda Stanton

In the days leading up to departure, Mike and I resemble a well orchestrated tornado. Somehow all of the projects we had planned to complete in the Spring are suddenly crammed into the week before he leaves for Alaska. In an effort to lower the stress I can see radiating from the top of Mike’s head, I immediately adopt a Superwoman attitude. No need to show me how to fill the lawnmower with gas, I can certainly figure that out myself. Sure, I can load up the truck with scraps left over from the latest boat project and take it to the dump. Yes, I can organize any remaining bills and pressure wash the driveway while changing diapers, reading bedtime stories, cooking dinner, sorting laundry and generally losing my mind.

After waving goodbye to Mike and his crew from the dock, my son and I return to our home and find it to be achingly quiet. I try to stick with our regular bedtime routine and act as normal as possible for little Jacob. Only after he is sleeping soundly in his crib do I wander around the house realizing the mess I have been left with and feel a sudden wave of panic. I’m alone and overwhelmed.

I spend the next few days going through the motions before finally getting my bearings. After a particularly productive day I was even inspired to open the garage and drag out the lawn mower. Feeling empowered and confident, I am Superwoman once more. I locate the pull cord to start the mower and with a final sigh of triumph, draw the handle away from the base, tug sharply on the cord and nearly fall over backward as it rips away from the base. I stare at the cord dangling freely from my hand and retreat to the house to promptly call a lawn service. Even a super hero has her trusty sidekick.


  1. Thank goodness you have other commercial fishing moms to support you! Amanda’s story is so similar to your own — I’m glad you have others who know first hand what you go through.

    Does she have a blog as well? I hope so!

    • It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? She really nailed it on what that final wrap up before they leave is like, and then after they finally go and you look around at what you’re left with. Wow. I agree, if Amanda doesn’t already have a blog, she needs to start one! :-)

  2. So cool to see my life in print! LOL. I just started a blog actually a few weeks ago, but didn’t really put it out there. It is more of an online fitness journal. After having a baby, getting back in shape has been rough, so I started a blog for myself about getting into running this summer. You can find it at thepurdyplace.blogspot.com. Not too much there yet, and just short entries. :)

    • Awesome! I look forward to checking your blog out tonight and adding it to my blogroll! And let’s go ahead and add fitness to our long list. I say, “I’m going to teach Jazzercise six days a week while you’re gone! I’m gonna teach everywhere, all the time!” Lol. The first thing I did when he left was pull my left rhomboid muscle, and I haven’t taught since. Tomorrow will be my first day back. Hey, we do the best we can. They’re lucky we’re here with kids intact and a mostly-clean house! :-) A hot momma is a bonus!

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