After The Commercial Fishing Homecoming Honeymoon

Whew. What a whirlwind today! The past two weeks, actually.

Our friend, Terry, asked us during dinner last Friday just how long George had been home.

I looked at George and said “About four days, right, hon?”

“No,” he said.

“That’s not right,” said Kim, Terry’s wife.

“How long then?” I asked George and Kim.

“A couple of weeks I think,” said G.

“Ten days at least,” said Kim.

Well, I’ve lost all track of time.

This most recent transition from sea to shore and boat to home has gone well. It normally does not go quite this easily. The first two or three days are always bliss, but towards the end of the first week, things go back to normal.

“Well, that was fun,” George always says when the honeymoon is clearly over.

This time, however, we’ve only had one moment of strain since being back together after months apart.

“How’s it going?” asked my friend, Beth. “Still in the honeymoon?”

I can’t repeat exactly what I wrote in my e-mail reply, but I did describe one less-than-loving moment we may have experienced since G’s arrival home. Something to do with purposely letting the door close on someone, sending someone off with a less-than-friendly farewell, and perhaps a choice follow-up text or two.

You have to get it out of your system! Fortunately, it was quick and painless.

This time.

My parents were wonderful enough to volunteer–no, insist–on having our little ones spend the night at their house while G and I went on our first ever all-night date night last week. We had a magical and hilarious time with our close friends at dinner, the theater comedy show, and even with my own sister and her boyfriend after the show. (BTW, sorry about leaving you with the tab! How much do we owe?)

This morning, I received an e-mail from an editor at National Fisherman magazine asking if the article I’d pitched a month or so back was ready to submit in time for the awesome Pacific Marine Expo Issue.


No, it wasn’t.

Always up for a challenge and not wanting to miss out on one of the biggest issues of the year, I sat down today, gathered my notes, and actually had a wonderful time putting together an article I’ve been wanting to write for a long time.

Cross your fingers that it passes inspection. And if does, and you are at Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle at the end of November, look for it in the front of National Fisherman magazine!


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  1. Nice to see that time passes quickly for other people too. How did the article come out? Another date tomorrow night? We are going to the Cliff House at 7:30. Meet for drinks after?

    • Ah, we’d have loved to but we don’t have our babysitting situation quite lined up yet! Is is just the two of you going to dinner? Maybe you should swing by here before hand for a quick cocktail to celebrate the week’s end!

      I was happy with the article and G got a good chuckle out of it. I’m never sure if what I wrote is what they’d hoped for, but I just heard a second ago that they took it. Just trimmed out a hundred words and it was good to go! I’m excited! Thanks for asking.

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