Cheerful and Optimistic

I heard from George this morning; he sounded exceptionally cheerful, awake, and optimistic. That must be the perfect attitude with which to go pick up the first round of gear!

Things are looking up here as well. That didn’t take too long. As George told me a couple of nights ago, “Remember, the first few days are always the hardest, Hon.”

Of course, I hadn’t remembered that in the midst of fevers, coughing, and broken-down dressers, but hearing the words did help. And it’s true; the kids are feeling a bit better and are well-adjusted to his departure. Eva might have the seasons a bit confused (she asked George to bring her some salmon to eat—and make her a milkshake for dessert—when he was “done on the boat”) but she understands the essence of it all.

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The little ones and I had a wonderful day yesterday; we put a year’s worth of photos in albums and then snuggled together in a chair and looked through all of them last night. Eva loves to look at pictures of herself as a baby, and Vincent gets excited when he recognizes people and things: “Mommy! Dada. Dada’s boat!”

Have a great last day of vacation before the regular routines kick back in.


  1. Jen,

    Hopefully the first pick through the gear is a good one for the boy’s..The antisipation would always kill me until we pulled the first pot. The start of every season whether I was fishing Dungies out of Westport, Crab in Alaska, Halibut and B.Cod or waiting for a flare opener in S.E. I always said it felt like Christmas morning over and over again, I guess thats what they mean when they say it get’s in your blood. Hopefully all the cough and cold’s get better soon. I had to laugh at your daughter’s comment about the Salmon, it won’t be long before the kid’s are stacking web on the back deck in the summer’s. Again, thanks for the story..


    • Ha! That’s right about the kids stacking web and piling corks on the back deck! Just like their mommy and aunties. They’ll have two choices for summer work: go fishing with Dad, or work for Auntie Cass at her seafood store! :-) Haven’t heard how the pots are doing yet. Eagerly awaiting word!

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