Day One

I’d had big plans to finally go to Costco today. But in the end, I decided that taking the kids to the farm to visit Grandpa working was a better idea. We spent the entire afternoon taking a walk through the woods, looking at the pond and acres of land, and inspecting the tractor.

George called while we were out there; he was getting ready to head back to sea to pick up the last of the crab pots and then bring the boat back to town.

This is a good time for him to shut the door on the 2010 crab season, because Halibut/Blackcod 2010 starts on March 6! That gives George about ten days at home before leaving to spend the next few months catching IFQ all over Alaska.

I admit this is probably going to be one extremely long spring, even for me, who considers herself to be pretty tough and is very used to this.

Later in the week I plan to post a few of my personal husband-is-at-sea coping strategies.

Signing off (from my iPhone in the kitchen) from Day One of my weeklong blogging challenge. See you tomorrow!


  1. Seems like we are always getting ready for a “season”,our softshell blue crab season should start around the first and I will start setting peeler pots out this weekend,it’s still 30 here this morning and Shelly is cutting funnels for new pots in the living room while I am playing on the computer,our water temp dropped back to 50 last week and everything shut down again so I have had 4 days in a row at home to get things caught up a little.

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