Final Round of Home Projects

A few years ago, George and I jumped head-first into some huge home improvement projects. We had much of the carpet replaced with hardwoods, tore out a bathroom to create a spa-like bath, and even dug under the house into the earth (holding the house up by three 150-foot long steel beams) to create a 1200-square foot Man Cave, office, guest room, and kitchenette.

Then, we took three years to fish hard, work hard, and watch our pennies to pay for it all.

There were two projects that got shoved aside….putting hardwoods in Vincent’s and the master bedroom. I’m thrilled that finally, beginning this week, those last two projects are going to be started and completed!!

I am so excited, in fact, that this afternoon I voluntarily hopped up from the couch, threw on a pair of work gloves, and helped G carry 24 seven-foot-long boxes of wood (about 90 pounds each) up one flight of stairs and down the hall.

We get to camp out next week in the previously mentioned Man Cave while the work is done. I can’t wait!

And I’m typing this post from my phone because G is at my work station researching closet organizers. Nice!


    • Thank you! I know this next two weeks will be sort of a pain but the end will be worth it. Then I can quit apologizing to everyone for the way our bedroom carpet looked, ha ha!

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