Have I Finally Lost My Mind?

I’m starting to get a little sad about George leaving soon. He’s only had two free days to truly hang loose since he finished the Dungeness Crab season; the other days have been filled with getting ready for the halibut and blackcod longlining season. I knew it was going to be a quick transition, mostly because the longline season is starting about two weeks earlier than last year!

We did have a great two days, though, and even threw an impromptu Sunday afternoon party that was a blast for everyone. And then of course, we rode the train on Monday with the little ones. So we’ve made the most of our time off, but you always wish it was longer no matter how short or long it actually is.

I’ve made a series of really weird mistakes lately. For example, I woke up one morning and looked out my front window to discover that I’d left my keys in the front door all night! I was embarrassed and also grateful that nobody took the opportunity to come in and rob us. Our two big dogs probably would not have allowed that to happen, but still.

Then, just the other day I went downstairs and realized I’d left one of the doors down there unlocked for several days in a row. This week when I finished teaching Jazzercise, I couldn’t find my car keys. After an hour of looking all over the studio, I finally found them inside my car. I’m glad nobody took that opportunity to drive off in it!

This weekend, I left my favorite, spendy Helly Hanson raincoat at a local establishment during an evening with George. Of course, it was stolen right away and I never got it back. And last week, George discovered that I’d put an important tax document into the recycling. That was a lucky catch.

I hope I can find where I left my brain before too long. I’d better find it for sure before George leaves for the rest of the spring!

Little Jazzercise kids are the absolute cutest.

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