Hi Again, G.

Hi again, G!

I had so much fun writing you the last letter, I thought I’d write another one. I did try calling you again today and left three messages, but that’s okay. I assume you’ll get them whenever you get into coverage. I have no idea where you are.

My permit has already been approved and signed off by the police department! That was a surprise! They told me it would take thirty days. It only took two! Wow!

I set up a Craig’s List account today; I thought it would be fun to try and sell some stuff online. I know we usually donate everything, but I thought it might be fun to try something different this time around.

Hmmm. I guess there is not much to report. You know we love you and can’t wait for you to get home. These letters to you have already lost me blog subscribers, but what can I do. It’s not very professional or interesting, but….it’s the fishing life, and sometimes it just drags on.

Thank goodness I have these precious babes!




  1. Sorry to hear you lost readers Jen,they must really have sad lives if if a few words from a lonely wife to her husband runs them off. All it does for me is to remind me how fortunate I am to be home with mine every night,shes out fishing up softshells right now,think I will give her a extra hug when I go help.

    • That is the sweetest on all accounts. Shelly def. needs an extra hug! You guys are fortunate! I’m just like, look! Yeah, these guys are out for months on end and risking lives and are super skilled and brave….but you know what? Their wives, girlfriends, mothers, and family are here holding it all down while they are gone, and it is not easy! Where is our Discovery show? :-) Ugh. G hasn’t been gone this long since we got married. And I’m tough.

    • Ah, you make me smile! I know they are silly but they make me feel better. I think the worst part is not even that he’s not here, but that I can’t ever reach him. If I could hear his voice now and again it would help. At least I have my audio post to listen to, lol!

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