National Blog Posting Month

I discovered something the other day that I’m really excited about. It’s National Blog Posting Month. I’m always up for a new challenge; for instance, I participated in and completed National Novel Writing Month (actually, I’m wearing my winner’s shirt right now!) and when I was informed I didn’t post frequently enough on this blog, I posted every day for a week.

National Blog Posting Month raises a whole new challenge. There is no way I have enough daily content to keep the readers of Highliners and Homecomings engaged for an entire month, but I want to accept this challenge. I’ve decided to spend the month of April getting ready for it. I will secure interviews and cover topics including commercial fishing, Jazzercise, writing, military life, and who knows what else. I can’t wait to tackle this!

Anecdote: I was driving the kids to Jazzercise yesterday. I looked in the rear view mirror at Eva and Vincent, like I always do. My heart filled with gratitude and joy at the sight of the two, who look like twins. I smiled and said, “I love you guys so much. God Bless Eva and Vincent!!”

Eva replied, “And God Bless our missing Daddy.”

I explained immediately that Daddy wasn’t missing. In fact, he was on the boat, providing for the family he loves so much.


  1. We are just getting busy with our soft shell blue crab operation and over the next few weeks ending another stone crab season(may 15th)
    May is a great month down here in Fla so if you run out of content for a month long blog I will send you my cell # and you can add in Fla crabbing reports such as how I started my day yesterday,backed down the ramp,boat slid off the trailor,came tight and the line broke and off my boat sails without me,had to wait on a sports fishermen to come along and launch to chase it down.
    Most of the time I just go back home and not fight it when a day starts like that but I had people depending on product so I ran 20 miles and just as I could see the first float hit a rock,no damage to the engine but bent the prop up some.Worked all day to break even.

    • Ha! I know that what you wrote wasn’t supposed to be funny, but that is an awesome story. You should do a guest post or a Q & A next month. Thanks for the great story and I’ll be in touch for May. The blogging challenge could turn out to be a lot of fun with creative ideas like this!

      • Jen,we always see the humor in it,Shelly and I have been together for 26 years now and we never have bad luck or misforture,we call it a “adventure”,I promised her it would never be boring around here.(big smile)
        She fished with me back before they took away our gill nets,one time I had her stand on my shirt stuffed in a hole in the bottom of the boat with a load of fish on so we could make it in.

        • It’s funny you mention the adventure part and that it would never be boring. I interviewed my mom for an upcoming article in National Fisherman and she also said she’d never have wanted a life outside of commercial fishing, as there were/are so many things going on and anything else would be too boring! I guess we are all a special breed, lol!

  2. I am so toying with taking the challenge with you in May! Guess I’ll see how the preparations go. Best wishes for your success! What a great little family you have.

    • I’m still toying with the idea myself! I need to sit down and come up with a good plan so I’m prepared in advance and not scrambling. Do I have your blog address? You need to send it to me so I can keep up like with NaNoWriMo! Thank you for the compliment on the family. I don’t know what I’d to without those little snugglers. They keep me going!

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