Staying Positive Prior to Departure–or at Least Trying.

Tomorrow is the big day—or the crappy day, the sad day, the depressing day–however you want to look at it. I have to admit that right now, I’m considering it the depressing day. George and the crew are leaving for the halibut and blackcod longlining season and they will be gone for quite a while.Yes, of course we’ve all known it’s coming, and commercial fishing departures are something I’ve gone through my entire life, but they never get any easier.

Even one of George’s older, longtime professional fishing associates expressed to me personally the other day that he felt bad about how long George would be gone this time.

I started to get sad today. My eyes welled up and I had a little trouble breathing. Now, I’ve got two tiny little children here and I can’t afford to let that happen (at least not in front of them) so I knew I had to turn it around, and quickly. I decided to think about some of the positive things surrounding George’s departure. Here’s what I came up with, in no particular order:

1. I always lose weight the second he leaves. One time, I lost five pounds in one week. The minute he unties the lines, two or three pounds sail away with him. (The downside of this is that I gain the weight back the minute he comes home!)

2. It will be Springtime, and with any luck, the sun will shine more often.

3. My friend and babysitter, Allison, will be here.

4. My friend and miracle dog lover, Lisa, will be here.

5. My family is available and willing to hang out and lend assistance.

6. I have the most awesome Jazzercise friends in the world who understand me and never judge.

7. I pitched a story idea recently, which if accepted, will give me something to focus on rather than George’s absence.

8. The laundry and dishes are done, floors are vacuumed and mopped. The house is in order, so I only have to keep it that way, not spend the first two weeks of George’s departure playing catch up.

9. I have brand new Jazzercise routines to learn and teach.

10. I get to hang out with my kids all day and they love to snuggle, so I’m never lonely for hugs.

11. George is a smart, able, hardworking, capable fisherman and captain. He’s doing a job he is good at, has passion for, and actually enjoys. That makes me happy.

There we go. Still not looking forward to tomorrow, but at least I have this list to refer back to.


  1. 12. You got me girl! Always and willing to hang out or babysit and of course have a glass or in my case bottle of wine ANYTIME!

    • Oh, so funny. Thanks for that. I needed a chuckle! I love your #12. Absolutely! And, a bottle each sounds about right. Starting…now!

  2. Y’all would fit right in with Shelly,she is sound asleep right now smiling after 4 big glasses of wine,3 of the cats thinks she’s “purring” as they are snuggled in purring back.

    • So funny! Last night I heard “purring” and in my sleep I blamed George…then remembered he was gone…and finally realized it was our little Eva lying next to me!

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