Summer Lovin’

I am sitting here on my front porch, literally smiling because I’m so happy. The sun finally came out today–and I mean real sun. Hot sun. The kind that doesn’t require any sort of cover-up or windbreaker.

The awesome kind of sun where a temporarily solo mother of two toddlers can bring out the sidewalk chalk and go through the alphabet with her daughter…let her son sneak inside to grab more sugar-free, off-brand, push-up Popsicles…and teach them both how to do that slip n’ slide once and for all.

Since George is fishing all summer for blackcod and halibut, far out of communication range—and stays out for a long time—I’m glad the sun has decided to come out. I believe it relieves my worries/pressure by at least 70%!

Cheers to a blessed and beautiful day!

(I hope you enjoy Eva’s sidewalk chalk artwork. Would that we all added our age to the end of our signature!)


  1. The sun does make it a BIT easier doesn’t it? Glad your enjoying the sunshine :) Sometimes its easier to mope around the house but one can only have so many of those days, trust me I know, haha.

    • Oh, you’re so right. The sun definitely makes it easier. I actually get up excited for the day rather than worrying about how it’s going to go! I was and am so sick of the non-stop rain, cold, and gloom! Weather usually doesn’t affect me either way but it sure has this year! How’s it going in your direction?

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