Two Nights and Counting…

The boat left yesterday on a windy, cold, dreary November June morning. I taught  Jazzercise as scheduled early that morning, because I figured it was better to get up and moving first thing and get the endorphins running rather than moping around the house, watching George pack his bags and finalize his office work.

When we got to the boat, the crew was in a great mood and just hanging out, waiting for G to arrive and give the order to throw the lines off.

Here on the home front, the kids and I are doing fine. We went to gymnastics and Jazzercise again today, and their beloved babysitter, Allison, also came over. To round out the evening, we received visits from Grandma and Grandpa.

Tomorrow we plan to hit a local strawberry festival, go on a wagon ride, and eat some strawberry sundaes… weather permitting, of course.

So…so far, so good. Love you, G. Get that quota and come home quick.

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