Welcome Home, Toby

Yesterday morning, I received a call that Toby was ready to begin the rest of his recovery in the comfort of his own home.

My brother-in-law, Ryan, took me to get Toby yesterday afternoon. Although fragile, it is clear that Toby loves being home, and he has stopped the lonely wail he’d adopted while at the hospital. He was greeted with stuffed toys, treats, homemade meals, and all of his favorite visitors.

We are incredibly grateful Toby is here with us again and expect the results of his latest biopsy by the middle of next week.

Here’s a picture of Toby, taken by Ryan shortly after our arrival home.


    • Christina, thank you! How sweet. Toby is lying here next to me now, as a matter of fact. It has definitely taken a team effort. I’m astounded and humbled by how loving and quick to respond everyone has been!

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