Jen’s Favorites of the Week

Jen’s Favorites of the Week

1. The song “You Ain’t Right” by Randy Travis.

2. After missing the warranty deadline on my laptop hard drive by one week and losing $300 on a plane ticket recently, we finally got in under the wire with Infiniti to get a $800 Bose stereo system replaced under warranty. That was a lucky break, ’cause otherwise I’d had to have driven around without music for a while! :-)

3. Attending a benefit for the daughter of a former fisherman who needs a kidney transplant. Her father had been the transplant candidate until he was diagnosed with two kinds of cancer.

4. Viewing 335 photos of commercial longline fishing taken by professional East Coast photographer David Hills, who went to sea with George and the crew in Alaska last winter. Will post links to the pictures soon.

5. Seeing my latest article published in National Fisherman, along with the pictures and the nice intro in the front of the mag.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. I mean it.


  1. Which month of National Fisherman are you in?
    I am looking at the July issue right now on the Highliners.
    Wind down here in Cali—I am very tired of wind.

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