Saddest Quote Ever

“Like the bride in the Song of Songs, you long for your beloved, but he does not come.”


  1. Whenever I get down about being alone for so long, I always think, you’ve done it up to this point so what are a few more days? Then, after those few days pass, I say it all over again. It’s a little game I play with myself until he actually is there. I’m not saying it always works, but I try :)

    • You are right and it’s a good idea. Day by day. I don’t know why the final stretch is always the hardest. We have three months down, one month to go. The kids’ fall schedule will kick in soon and that will likely help. We decided to spend this entire morning at Jazzercise; I taught my own class and the kids were having a nice time I figured I’d stay and take one more class and let them play longer! Fatiguing muscles and increasing endorphins, aaah. :-)

  2. A trip to Walmart always makes me feel better. You are right, one month left. Think of it like this… Is the glass half empty or half full? Best wishes making it one more month. Let me know if we can do anything! Look forward to G’s return too.

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