10 Things That Make Me Happy

My husband returning home from Alaska.
It’s just a nice relief to have the man of the house back in the house.

The new Jazzercise routine DVD that arrived this weekend.
I love music, I love dancing, I love working out, and it’s nice having fresh new material to learn and teach.

Tickling Vincent.
Every inch of him is so sensitive and it’s adorable the way he giggles and squeals and tries to curl up into a ball.

That it’s October.
Because my sister is due this month with the newest, precious, tiniest member of our family.

My husband’s fishing crew.
Because they are like family to both of us. They’re the brothers I never had, and we have so much fun when we’re all together away from the boat!

Transfering my iTunes library to my laptop.
Now that everything is transferred, G can demolish our old living room computer and buy a new one.

Backing up my laptop hard drive.
If it ever crashes again, I have the entire drive backed up (unlike when it happened last time).

How happy Eva always is.
I can always count on her to behave and be a trooper no matter where we go or what kind of mood I’m in. She is such a good, sweet, funny little girl.

My writing buddy who is critiquing the first 36 pages of a project I’m working on. We’re meeting this week at the bookstore to go over it.

Attending the mini-shooting camp and gun safety class this weekend.
It felt awesome overcoming my intense fear of guns and slowly, carefully learning about them. Shooting a .22, .38, .45, revolvers and semi-automatics for three hours was an insane experience. And now I can enjoy my husband’s hobby with him!

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