A Few Pics from Another Sunny & Blessed Day.

Short break from the halibut and blackcod off-load.

Crusing the harbor in Daddy's flatbed.

Pop and popcorn at the local Farmer's Co-op.


    • Well, thank you for asking! :-) The good news is that even though it took longer than expected, and fishing was rather slow, they did fortunately catch all of the halibut and blackcod quota they set out to get! Thank goodness that’s all done until next spring. Now, three weeks to chill until the start of pre-crab season gear work! At least that’s done right here at the harbor and within cell range, lol.

    • Staci, thank you for the snaps on the photos! It was such a wonderful day, and the entire week of gear work ended up being just beautiful. In fact, the sun is still out! We got so lucky this week! p.s. How did you come across my blog? I’m so curious! :-)

  1. Good,glad to hear it was sucessful even if it was a long trip.Hope the crab season goes well for y’all too,we will set out stone crab traps on Tuesday and start harvesting on the 15th and as usual I am behind on getting my gear ready but it’s because of a very good fall softshell season so far.

    • Hey, that’s great about the fall softshell season! Nice work! Let us know how the first harvest of the stone crab traps comes back, too!! I hope our crab season goes as well as it did last year but I’m not holding my breath. I can’t even believe it’s that time of year again.

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