A Quick Update

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For the first time in ten years, George’s transition from sea to shore has been seamless. We have not encountered any of the usual sea-to-shore “issues” that usually come up once G comes home from sea and we all get readjusted to being at home together again.

I think he was just gone so long this year, and for the last two fishing seasons in particular, that we had no energy for strife and just wanted to chill and enjoy being together as an entire family again.

And G has been great and incredibly helpful. Reading with the kids every night, taking Eva to preschool, feeding the dogs their custom meals,  loading and emptying the dishwasher, taking out the garbage and recycling, and leaving plenty of time for good old-fashioned family fun.

Unfortunately, this will all come to an end very soon. On November 1st, the crab crew shows up, and that will mark yet another transition in the household.

We still have many things to look forward to until G actually goes back to sea. There’s Pacific Marine Expo (Fish Expo) to attend and a drink with old and new fishing friends while we’re there, a celebration in late November, a Christmas party in early December, and Thanksgiving at a location yet to be determined.

And, my sister is due with her first baby tomorrow.

So much to be thankful and grateful for in this season of gratitude.


  1. You do have a lot to be grateful for Jen,part of getting older and being together for a few years is that the things that used to irritate to the point of fussing about it no longer seem as important and are easier to let go by without words.

    • I could not have expressed that better myself. Thanks, Ronnie! Those pesky things aren’t important and it’s much easier to let them go than stir up conflict. It makes for a much more pleasant atmosphere for everyone!

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