A Successful & Sunny Week

It’s been a big week around here. On Wednesday evening, I returned home with the little ones to discover the June issue of National Fisherman had arrived, in which I’ve got a big story and pictures! I was thrilled, to say the least.

It’s no secret to anyone who knows us that I’ve had trouble adjusting to George’s new fishing schedule of late. It’s amazing that my own story on commercial fishing wives came out just when I was having a tough time myself.

“Girl, you need to read your own story,” said our good friend and G’s longtime crew member, Bryan.

Reading it again certainly encouraged me and I hope it did for others who read it.

Jerry Fraser, the editor of National Fisherman, also gave me a generous shout-out in the front of the magazine. Jerry happened to be out on the West Coast this week, so the kids and I got to spend an early sunny morning visiting with him and Diversified Communication’s advertising expert, Susan Chesney.

In other writing news, my contribution made it into the “Proudest Writer Mama Moments from the Past Year” celebration on The Prosperous Writer blog, maintained by Christina Katz (author of Writer Mama and Get Known Before the Book Deal).

Now, I’m cleaning the house top to bottom. I don’t just mean vacuuming and wiping down counters, either. I mean getting rid of things to the Goodwill, scrubbing walls, washing windows, wiping picture frames, and cleaning cabinets. My house is usually pretty clean…but now it is super clean. Why all the effort?

George’s longtime friend and partner, Nick (and his lovely wife, Sally) are coming to visit tomorrow. You probably know Nick from the Alaskan Leader, Shemya, and Bristol Leader companies, as well as many other fishing-related businesses and ventures. Anyway, I haven’t seen Nick or Sally in a few years, and I want to make sure everything is ship-shape.

It’s been an incredible week of writing, publishing, encouragement, friendship, and celebration.

Have a great weekend!

**Oh, update. George just told me that East Coast photographer David Hills will be arriving at our home in about 45 minutes. So glad I got a start on the house early this morning!!

Anyone else coming that I should know about!? All are welcome! :-)

National Fisherman Editor Jerry Fraser with Susan Chesney

Future Jazzercise Instructor!


  1. Just read the article in National Fisherman. It was great! It is so nice to see some diversity in that magazine. My husband is glued to every issue -usually hoping a picture of his boat somehow made it into the magazine – and this time he found me reading it before he had even seen it in the pile of mail. Hope to see more articles like this one!

    • Amanda, thank you! You are a great writer and your response to the piece was exactly what we were hoping for! You should send this to Jerry :-) . I am so happy that you liked the story. It’s just what I wanted. I also like what you wrote about your husband. I’m sure we can get him in there! It’s fun to see familiar names and faces inside!

    • I can bring you a copy to show you when we come over to the BBQ you and Terry are hosting :-) Otherwise if you happen to be down at the harbor, LFS or Redden would have copies! I just sent one to my parents in Hawaii on their vacation. I can’t wait for them to see it. They have a nice pic in there.

  2. My last two issues of NF are here on the desk unread but I promise I will read it this weekend,is that a picture of your parents?

    • Ha! Yes, that one with the little ones and the flatbed also features my parents! My dad and G and everyone had just returned from Ketchikan in that pic!

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