A Tremendous Pacific Marine Expo 2010!

My family and I attended 2010 Pacific Marine Expo yesterday and had an incredible afternoon. Vincent slept through the first two hours of the event but rallied in time to enjoy a chocolate dipped sugar cookie in the shape of a salmon and to collect a few pens and candy.

Eva was a trooper the entire afternoon and even wore her own badge this year as we traveled up and down aisles, said hello to a ton of people and collected vendor goodies.

We really scored this year. Among our take were two nice-looking John Deere baseball caps, a frisbee, child sunglasses, foam killer whale toys, pencils, pens, pencil sharpeners, bike reflectors, yo yos, fish key chain clip-ons, cute little stuffed frogs, insulated beer bottle holders, and bumper stickers from Commercial Fishermen of America and National Fisherman magazine.

We had three generations with us (Dad, George and me, Eva and Vincent) and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. George and I saw all our old friends (the gang from National Fisherman and Fred Wahl Marine Construction), Dad saw a ton of fishermen he knows, and both George and Dad ran into their maritime accountant.

Oh, how could I forget the biggest score of all? Xtra Tuff was giving away FREE boots to all children! The only deal was the children had to wear them around Fish Expo while they were there. It was too cute seeing all of these little girls and boys with their Xtra Tuffs on! One lady was so very disappointed her young one wasn’t there to receive a pair that we handed over Vincent’s new boots, then trotted him through the booth again wearing a slightly different outfit and accompanied by a different parent.

Anyway, the Events Center was absolutely packed with vendors, extremely smiley attendees, and the energy was contagious. I’m so glad the 2010 Pacific Marine Expo was a success. I hope you enjoy a few of my pictures. I decided to ignore the large sign that clearly stated NO PHOTOGRAPHY so I could remember the day in detail.

I’m working on a separate post that will include my pictures of our National Fisherman and Fred Wahl Marine Construction friends. Stay tuned.

Eva proudly displaying her badge.

My girl loves to pose.

Vincent still sleeping...

Grandpa and Eva.

Thanks for the free boots, Xtra Tuff!

Vincent still sleeping...

Daddy, Sleeping Vincent, Posing Eva.

Three Generations.

Hooray for Grandpa, Pacific Marine Expo, and Free Boots!

Vincent's Awake!!

National Fisherman's Jerry Fraser with George and Dad.

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