Allison is the Best: Thank You!

Over a year ago, I was in a total freak-out. I had a three-year old daughter, a two-year old son, two big dogs, and a husband who was nowhere to be found. Yes, G was either fishing or getting ready to fish. Still, he was nowhere to be found.

Our daughter was seriously ill. A potentially fatal infection went undiagnosed for weeks until a secondary illness, pneumonia, kicked in. Little Eva underwent procedure after procedure and antibiotic after antibiotic until doctors finally discovered what was wrong and began proper treatment.

I spent that fall and winter worried, tired, anxious, upset, nervous, and sad.

I held Eva in my arms all day and all night as Vincent napped in his crib or played nearby. Because of Eva’s illness, nobody could come over and we couldn’t go out; it was just my two babies and me.

When Eva broke into the clear (Thank you, God!) one of my Jazzercise mentors talked with me.

“You need to hire some help,” she said. “Even if you don’t use it to teach Jazzercise, you need a break and so do your children.”

I placed an ad with our local University’s job board and was astonished by the amount of resumes I received. In addition to resumes, I also received an e-mail from an out-of-town friend I’d known since kindergarten.

“Are you the same Jen who posted the ad?” he asked. “My niece applied for the job. She’s great, but I’m sure she can speak for herself.”

I called his niece–Allison–first.

It was the only call I needed to make!

Allison came to help us out right away and it was the best decision I’d ever made as an often-solo parent. My only regret is that I didn’t place the ad the moment Vincent was born.

My parents, George, my children, and I all love Allison.  She not only supervised the children and provided for their needs, but she played with them. She interacted with them. She taught them. She enjoyed them. She laughed with them and smiled as she told stories about them.

In addition, Allison was (is) a really cool girl.

She never judged me, our lifestyle, our household, refused to help, or held any strange look or attitude whatsoever. And when you are dealing with us and our crazy selves, that is no easy task!

Allison, you rock. We are all blessed for having you in our lives the past two years, and I wish you nothing but the best as you continue on and go with Mr. Moon Head to the next state as he pursues his Master’s and PhD. You are a stable, steady, smart young gal and we love you to pieces! Thanks for coming when we needed you most and sticking it out with us for so long.

We Love You!

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