As Promised…Blogging Every Day

If you read the last post, you know that it was recommended I write something on this blog every day, or at least every other day. Now, I’m a good sport and enjoy an interesting experiment, so this week–for the first time ever–I’m going to put something up on this blog every single day.

For one week, everyone will get to read about the real day-to-day in the life of one commercial fishing family.

Let’s start with today! (By the way, I’m writing this from my iPhone downstairs, where I’m feeding our dogs and waiting for Vincent to wake up.)

Speaking of Vincent, he finally seems to be on the mend from two months of scary ailments. I’m so relieved about that. My own throat is starting to swell up now, but no matter. I’ll double up on the Wellness Blend tonight and keep forging ahead like any good mommy would do.

I did not make it to Costco today; didn’t want to deal with crowds and rain, so the kids and I went to the Farmer’s Co-op to eat popcorn and buy dog treats.

I did teach Jazzercise this morning and wore myself out. That was one awesome and tough class! I gave the customers the option of using either weights or a tube during the strength segment and was happy to see that over half of them chose the tube.

I have not spoken with George today. I think he is still dealing with the crab gear and wrapping it up.

Oh–and the new sheets I bought yesterday are beyond wonderful. Can’t wait to jump back in my bed tonight!


  1. Hope you found some chocolate this morning,it’s 25 here in N.Fla so I am waiting until about 10 to go crabbing,open boat and a 20 mile run in open water does that to me plus I do like to hang around the house as much as possable on Sundays but the wind is down today and I have gear to move.

    • Hey, nice to hear from you! No chocolates this morning (except for the ones I bought myself last week, lol) but I did get a Valentine’s Day phone call this morning and two handmade cards from my little ones. So sweet! Thanks for the comment and good luck moving all the gear! Fresh air and open water sounds refreshing, actually.

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