Back by Request: Alaska Longling Photographs by David Hills

I received a nice comment and request this morning from a lovely woman named Patti who wanted to get another look at the professional commercial longlining fishing pictures I posted a few months ago. I’m posting a bit of her message here as it really made my day. Thanks, Patti!


Hi Jen. Enjoy your blog. My nephew fishes in Alaska and consequently I follow the industry with great interest. The passion these boys have for the fish/crab is truly amazing.  I can understand why they stay “hooked” to it.

A few months back you posted some amazing pictures. They had been done by a wonderful professional  photographer who really did a nice job of catching the “boys” in action on the Vis.   I wanted to see them again, however now I can’t seem to find them on your blog.  What is the possibility of reposting them?   Or is their another way I can see them?

The following is a copy of the original post from a few months back. Thanks again, Patti!


David Hills, who takes some of the world’s best commercial fishing photos, has published a gallery of the pictures he took while on board our fishing vessel last winter during round one of the Alaska blackcod and halibut longline season.

If you want to see what it’s really like out there and see some extraordinary tough guys at work (including my dear husband, G, of whom I could not be more proud) check it out!!!

David, you ROCK!

Halibut and Blackcod Commercial Fishing Photographs




  1. Great shots,I like the one of G about to gaff the halibut.
    I bought a Icelander pullover like the one he is wearing a few years ago and it’s the best cold weather gear I own,wished I had one 25 years ago,sure would have made a lot of winter nights a lot more bearable.

    • Thanks, Ronnie! I know, I love these shots. I could look at them again and again and again. I heard a “rumor” that David Hills may even go out on a Dungeness trip with the guys this winter, so I can’t wait to see those photos, either!!

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