Commercial Fishing Book for Babies and Toddlers!

My son, Vincent, recently turned three. The tradition in my family– in addition to giving the birthday child a gift– is to also give his/her sibling one gift.

This year for Vincent’s birthday, Eva received a book called “Fishing A to Z.” At first, Eva didn’t know what to make of her gift. She’d expected something pink or fairy-related and was a bit disappointed when she opened her book to find a real picture of a purse seine vessel fishing for salmon in Alaska.

Upon closer inspection, however, we found out that her gift was WAY better than another pink fairy book or trinket!

Her new book actually went through the alphabet, demonstrating each letter with commercial fishing lingo!

For example:

B: Buoy

D: Dungeness

H: Huge Halibut

O: Orange Gloves

S: Seiner Skiff

X: Xtra Tuffs

My goodness. There could be NO cooler book for babies and toddlers of commercial fishing families than this!!! Buy it now!!

No, I don’t personally know the writer, photographer, publisher, or press. But I do know this is one awesome book, especially for your little ones. Get it!

Fishing A to Z

Oh, by the way–you can also buy a copy of the book in person or by mail-order  through Vis Seafoods!


  1. No Way! I love it! I think even this non-commercial, just plopping a Toystory plastic fishing pole from Walmart in the local little fishing hole, fishing family will have to snag one up! Thanks for passing it on!

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